Where Do We Grow From Here?

Lesson 6: Where Do We Grow From Here?

Looking to the future of world population and life on Earth, students interpret the United Nations’ latest projections in the background reading, Projecting Global Population to 2050 and Beyond, and using the Interactive Population Projection Graph. In a class simulation, students model population growth from 1800 to 2100, observing where in the world the next four billion people are expected to live. They then consider the conditions necessary for a sustainable balance of people and resources, and research organizations trying to make positive steps in that direction through universal education, healthcare, environmental protection and ending poverty.

Subjects: AP Human Geography, World Geography, World History (General and AP), Environmental Science (General and AP), Government/Civics

Key Concepts: Population density and distribution, population history and projections, quality of life indicators, global economic disparities, international humanitarian projects, sustainable development

Lesson Materials

  • Lesson Plan
  • Population Projection Cards
  • Student Assignment